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The prevention of domestic violence, child abuse, elder abuse, sexual assault, human trafficking, and bullying is a major priority of The California Alliance For Family Justice. We are committed to do as much as possible to break the cycle of family crime that inevitably results in a more violent society. In order to prevent these crimes, and for law enforcement to respond to them in a more effective and efficient manner, victims and their families require a wide variety of diverse services and resources. The responsibility for the prevention of domestic violence, child abuse, elder/domestic abuse, sexual assault, human trafficking, and bullying does not rest with any one individual, group, agency organization or department. It is a responsibility shared by all of our community members and partners.

Were you aware that….

In 2012 Children and Family Services received over 6,775 reports of suspected child abuse in the San Bernardino County. In San Bernardino County, Adult Protective Services receives around 500 reports of abuse each month. Victims of rape or sexual assault are twice as likely to report to a victim of advocate than they are the police. A report published by a California State University indicated that domestic violence services are not currently being “coordinated and integrated”, and that San Bernardino County lacks a “single, well known point of access” to these services. UNTIL NOW… THE CALIFORNIA ALLIANCE FOR FAMILY JUSTICE.